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This is about an activity I have to do in the context of my MAODE (Master of Online and Distance Education) study.

Please note that this is just a ‘test area’ for this activity I have to do for H810, and the intended teaching unit about the human skin is far from being complete and though I strive to make this blog as accessible as possible for disabled people is my technical knowledge and possibilities pretty limited, so please excuse if I do not manage to achieve it.

But I would really welcome any comments that would help me to improve the blog,  regarding pedagogical or web accessiblility issues. Thanks 🙂


I am taking right now H810 – Accessible online learning: Supporting disabled students and we are asked to

Ceate  an accessible online learning resource that can be shared with your tutor group.

The resource can be in any format but you must be able to make it visible online to other students.

The tutor group forum for this topic is a special type, which allows each student to create one discussion. It also allows larger files to be attached to messages.

It could be:

  • a link to another web page
  • a link to your blog (if it allows you to include images)
  • a link to a page in the tutor group wiki
  • a file attached to a message in the special forum for this topic. If you have linked resources, make sure that you include all the files and that the whole thing can be recreated on another computer. The limit for any one uploaded file is 20Mb.

The learning resource can be on any topic and does not need to be academic in nature, but it should be a self-contained activity.

It should be intended for use by all students, disabled or otherwise, and not a special resource for students with one particular impairment. It can include components that may be inaccessible, if an appropriate alternative resource is also provided or discussed. It can reflect practice such as imagining human support as a last resort.

It can be as long or as short as necessary, but remember that other students will need to be able to read it to make comparisons in TMA02 (Tutor-marked assessment). We suggest that your resource should take a student 30–45 minutes to study.

The content should include:

  • learning outcomes, key skills or a similar indication of what students are expected to be able to do or learn
  • structure for navigation
  • at least one image that requires a description
  • links to at least three related resources
  • at least one table.

You can include other elements such as audio and video if you wish. This will be useful for other students in the evaluation activity in TMA02.


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